Turbonormalized Systems For 63 Aircraft Models!

We Have The Parts You Need To Keep Your RAJAY® Turbocharger System Flying! 

RAJAY has been modifying general aviation aircraft since 1962. We supply parts and information to keep all the RAJAY® equipped aircraft flying!

You can call us at:

1-888-RAJAYPARTS (1-888-725-2972)

or 1-386-304-7079

or 1-305-367-0175  (cell) 

Unfortunately, years ago, the RAJAY aircraft turbocharger business was split off from other applications like boats, cars and motorcycles.
We have no parts for the non-aircraft turbos.
I wish we could locate all the manufacturing tooling and drawings to make  these parts but they are not around.

RAJAY® Parts owns and sells STC's for RAJAY Turbocharger Systems and system parts for 63 aircraft models. The complete list of aircraft and engines is on the RAJAY® STC's page. 

We ship worldwide with FEDEX, UPS and the US Post Office